Meaty Beats

Music. It’s everywhere, and it’s delicious! Here are some meaty beats ranging from local jams, to fresh, international butter. Enjoy!


We gave you a taste of this NZ group earlier, but they are too good to not mention again. College house-mates from Dunedin, NZ, who mix rootsy flavor with magic, and chillness, take it out of the oven then sprinkle soulful vocals all over that goodness. This should warm up all you cold souls in NYC–if not, go to Athena Day Spa, for some special massages!

More SIX60: Don’t Forget Your Roots, Forever

The Black Seeds

Another NZ band, who crush the island vibe. If you recognize a familiar voice/face that would be Bret McKenzie who’s since left the band to make millions laugh with Flight of the Concords. They’ve headlined many festivals this summer in NZ, and be sure to check out all their stuff… it’s tasty!

Kids of 88

Kids of 88? I know some of those! More NZ jams, this duo is far from the roots vibe, but flavorful–a sound similar to another NZ new wave group The Naked and Famous. Tucan has an infectious beat, and a solid video to boot–enjoy! Please!

More from Kids of 88: Lala, My House 

King Charles

As we cruised through the NZ country, Charlie threw a jam on and I said, “Hold up! Stop the car! Stop the gosh darn car! What is this?” It was King Charles’s Love Lust and I LIKED it. This British man with crazy hair produces toe-tapper after iTunes advertisement, and his videos are as fun as his beats. What idiot would deny a man who sings “Your the wax in my moustache” in Ivory Road? Expect big things from this loon!

More King Charles: Mississippi Isabel, Bam Bam, Lady Percy, The Brightest Lights ft. Mumford & Sons

Radio Citizen

Another song that makes you stop your car and start asking questions. This song makes you feel cool… it’s that cool. The name of the song is cool, the lyrics are cool, the lady who provides the lyrics has a cool name… Bajka, and her voice is cool. This, THIS, is a meaty beat. Straight from Berlin… enjoy!


Speaking of the word sex! Joe my! This song is pure sex. Put this immediately in your Beats for Sheets playlist, find a seductive person of interest, and let this move you. The video… is perfect. Sexual tension for weeks! Categorized as British garage-house, the UK has done it again!

Common Kings

Fresh from SoCal these Polynesian brahs have been providing that rootsy feel all over NZ. Plus their song Alcoholic will make you look so KEWL when people scroll through your iTunes! That summer vibe mannnnn!

More Common Kings: No Other Love


More freshness from the UK, this song has been on the airwaves, and will surely be beaten to death by the ugly stick that is radio. Regardless, this butter is a mixture of solid vocals and some dub-stepiness that made featured artist Alex Clare (Too Close) blow up this past summer. Also, be warned, the video is a bit intense, but it will help guide any readers who are choosing between entering the world of gangs or joining a breakdancing troupe. Choose wisely weary readers!


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