Thumbs Up: Part II

Pleased with the progress we made and the characters we met on day one of our hitchhiking adventure, Rob and I were both eager to throw our thumbs back in the air and continue our journey “SOUTH”. We stopped at Maccas (McDonalds) for some free WiFi the night before and, to our delight, received a message from another Contiki legend named June. She lived just outside of Wellington (the capital of this glorious country) and said we were welcome to come kick it with her. You rock June!

After finally getting a symcard for Rob’s unlocked iPhone (welcome to the Smart-phone world you big dummy), we were back on the side of the road and spent about half an hour before we were picked up by two more pleasant humans who were in Napier doing a little long boarding on the boardwalk. Our new friends appeared to be in their late 20’s, early 30’s and, judging by their appearance, seemed to be of the native kiwi variety.

They were only going one town over, but as I am sure Vin Diesel would tell us in the dramatized Hollywood version of our adventure, if you ask any hitcher, any real hitcher, it doesn’t matter if you hitch an inch or a mile, hitching is hitching. After dropping her friend off, our girl Mon had to make one more pit stop to get changed at her house so we happily tagged along to check out her digs.


We were both pleasantly surprised by both the inflatable pool in the front yard and the stripper poll in the middle of the living room. Both purchases and the fact that she mentioned she had seen the sunrise 11 out of the last 14 days indicated she also was a “free spirit”.

She went on to tell us they were having a party that weekend for one of her flat-mates and sold it as quite the event. She said they would be sipping on Jungle Juice all day which apparently is a real thing that is brewed naturally and sold illegally, as it is apparently far stronger than the Hawaiian Punch based drink we became accustomed to in #college. Although we were tempted to pull a wildcard and join in on the festivities, we decided to continue trekking and had her drop us off on the side of a main highway.

Before leaving Gisborne, our gracious hosts, Hayden and Kelly, had asked if we were nervous at all about hitchhiking. Jokingly, we responded “Nah, the way we see it going is two hot girls are just going to pick us up in big van with a mattress in the back and we’ll just take turns ‘thanking’ them in the back until we get to Wellington.”

As my ol’ pal Mitch would get high and tweet, “it costs nothing to dream.”

The entertainment of our hitches up to this point had pushed this fantasy out of mind until we were standing on the side of the road and two cute girls drove by with smiles on their faces and room in the backseat. Unfortunately, they continued driving straight past us until… in an unprecedented move (based on the day and a half of hitching we had under our belts) they pulled a double U-turn and before we could really put together what happened, they rolled down their window and asked where we were going.

Although there are times this trip we’ve felt like we’re in a movie, this particular film would be more likely to be seen on ABC Family than

In the non “reality porn” version, the car was a four door sedan instead of a van and both girls were a little young and in committed relationships. However, they were also super cool, introduced us to real fruit ice cream (which is a real treat), and were also going to Wellington after spending the week at R&V. After four hours in the car together we became Facebook and Instagram friends so if you guys are reading this now, thanks again for the ride and sorry of the hitch hiking sexual fantasy thing is awkward!


Like the sweet hearts they were, the girls let us borrow their cell phones to hit up our girl June and then dropped us off at the train just as she was pulling in #purfect #timing.

Moral of the Story: I wish there weren’t as many sickos in the world because hitching is chill.


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