NZ NYE: Part I

I don’t think I am dropping a bomb on the blogging world when I say, in general, New Years Eve is consistently the most over hyped day of the year. It’s cold, it’s crowded, and people spend way more money than they normally would to have way less fun.

The fact that this post is being broken up into two parts should be an indicator that this is not the story of our new year’s eve. We had ourselves a full day of activities taking advantage of the fact that, on this side of the world, New Year’s Eve hits right in the peak of summer.

The first activity on the agenda was rock sliding. About 45 minutes away from ol’ Hayden and Kelly’s house is this massive natural waterslide (think waterslide only instead of being man made, it’s natural). People from all around the area gathered with inflatable tubes, boogie boards, air mattresses, and whatever else they could dig up to give them a little bit of cushion against the rock slab they were sliding on.


There were a couple of sickos that tried going down on their own two feet, but on the scale from 1-Extreme that hit the too extreme mark for us (classic American soft cocks).

Instead, our group took the four guys, one slightly ripped air mattress approach and couldn’t have had much more fun doing it. After countless runs down the slide, a bunch of scraped knees, and a whole lot of giddy laughter (there’s been a lot of that this trip) we decided to lay low for a little bit.

Strapped with a Chilly Bin (chill Kiwi slang for a cooler) of Coronas and a couple bags of chips we just posted up and enjoyed the unreal scene around us. Thirsty for culture and knowledge, we asked to learn ancient Kiwi secrets from our gracious hosts.  Most of these “secrets” ended up being different variations of opening beer bottles with nearby objects that, we soon learned, was an essential skill to be accepted as an honorary Kiwi.

Close by the waterslide was another natural beauty, this time in the form of a 40 ft waterfall. According to Hayden, people climb to the top of the waterfall and jump off, but when we got up there, no jumping locals were in sight. There was one guy at the bottom that appeared to know what he was talking about, but with the height and noise of the waterfall, we had to trust his hand gestures and our guts (#trustyourgut) that we were not about to jump to our deaths. Luckily, for our lives and this blog’s sake, we both survived the jump and became chiller bros for it.


On our way back from the waterfall our hosts pulled a real fast one on us and made a stop off at a local vineyard for some wine tasting and the most delicious and classy snacking of our young lives. For two kids that have literally been asking random strangers if they are going to eat their crust for the last four months, six different kinds of wine and every cheese combination you can imagine was a pretty unreal change of pace.


In between reds and whites, we joined a group of 10 year old children for our first game of backyard cricket (crushed them, obviouslyyyyy). Still a little hazy on alllllll the rules, but with no ESPN and a whole lot more cricket coverage on TV, I think we are both starting to understand what was once just a straight nonsense game.

After we had enough saying things like “Ahhhh 2008, great year, great year” and “Would you look at those legs run!!!” we headed off the vineyard. Making a quick stop at the ATM and Liquor store, we got the only supplies needed moving forward and geared up for what would prove to be a most glorious Part 2 of Rob and Doug’s Excellent New Year’s Eve.

Moral of the Story: Don’t stress out trying to make elaborate New Years Eve plans at the city’s hottest club (Boooooof), just come to New Zealand you dummies!


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