“New Year’s Eve is NEVER disappointing!” –Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless, the perennial #1 seed in everyone’s preseason top-25 hit list poll, once again, makes a good point (for any girls reading, this is a joke for the boys, he’s a big idiot).

Luckily, our gracious Kiwi hosts gave us a glorious day and a night to boot. On our Contiki trip Hayden told us about the festivities “Yea, it’s basically a music festival, people camp out, it’s right near the beach, and it’s always a pretty good time.”

Once again, our good pal had harshly undersold the Kiwi lifestyle. R&V was nothing short of magic, and for three nights we enjoyed the euphoric atmosphere… for Free.99

Tui-time would come to an end (WOOH beers), we’d hop in Tommy’s van, or the town bus, where we’d sing along with all the other excited souls. At one point, a group of Maori boys found out we loved the Hakka, and began performing it for us… beautifully executed. We then started hollering “Heyyyyy, heyyy baby. WHO, HA,” which would get the bus literally rocking, to and fro’.  (Just like ze oktabahhhfesht ya!)

All three nights we’d arrive all fired up, walk through beautiful vineyards, babes LeFt and RigHt, then into the festival, where the stages were wedged between rolling hills and the trees were straight out of that scene in Lord of the Rings that lasted way too long… we didn’t hold that against them. It was like nothing I had ever laid mine seafaring eyes upon!


Thousands went from stage to stage, dancing, rejoicing, mouth-kissing and enjoying the mix of Mother Nature and Father Wobbles. The theme song of the weekend was Icona Pop’s I Love It, which they performed and performed well. DJ’s including good ol’ Knife Party kept us dancing like yacked-up robots and a man by the name of P-Money (the only person to ever achieve success after using the nickname algorithm, (syllable of your first name) + Money), played non-stop hip hop classics (DMX).

When midnight came round on NYE, the fireworks exploded above us—it was pure joy. Though the two of us didn’t find midnight kisses (on purpose according to TMZ) we hugged our Kiwi brothers and sisters and both agreed, “2013 is not going to suck.”

I could go on for days, but the video below does a proper job capturing the spirit of the festival (they also have clips of the rock slide and waterfall).

“It’s 5 o’clock in the morning,” came quick, after dancing super hard, getting on stage, (“Please don’t do that again”-a security guard) and we headed back to Hayden and Kelly’s on a bus full of sleepy heads. Once we got back, we decided to make good on our promise to see the sunrise (a promise sealed with blood).

As it began creeping up, we headed to the beach, and wouldn’t you know it, we found a group of ten kids sitting around a bonfire, one of them playing some jams on his guitar… once again, almost too good to be true. Side note: If I could compare my New Zealand experience to any book, it would have to be Matt Christopher’s, The Boy Who Only Hit Homers.

They were local kiwis, and good souls (have yet to meet a ‘deeeeekhead’ kiwi yet). Naturally, I could let the guitar player get ALL the ‘attentions,’ but I didn’t want that, so I played them an American classic, and wedding favorite, “Bitches Aint Shit,” which they enjoyed.

The first sunrise of 2013 poked it’s head out, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Doug and I took a photo hand in hand, to serve as a reminder to TMZ that we’re just friends, and once again we reaffirmed the solid belief that, “2013 will NOT suck.”


“Doug, when did your hands get so soft?”

Moral of the Story: If Skip Bayless was referring to New Year’s Eve in New Zealand, then I would have to agree. It is never disappointing.


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