Gissy Gold!

Every day in Gissy-Land would begin with a morning surf with Hayden and Tommy (writing that sentence almost felt… too chill). I use the term surf quite loosely, because Doug and I would get absolutely dominated by waves as we tried to paddle out with the big boys, occasionally standing up on some baby waves—regardless, it was glorious. The water was obnoxiously clear, the views were insane, and the two of us get giddy in any type of water. At one point we checked out early and Hayden noticed us having fun in a different sort of way…


Unfortunately no photos were taken while we road beefy tubes… BUMMER!

“I look back during the surf and see you two playing shot-put with sand, looking like you’re having the time of your life! Sweet as!”

We are a BIT different than the other boys at school!

‘Sweet as’ is a Kiwi term you hear all the time, and when you first hear it, you ask, “Sweet as? Sweet as… Sweet as what? Please, finish your sentence.” Kiwi’s do in fact know how to form a proper sentence, it’s just their way of saying, “Right on!” and is pronounced, “Swit is.”

In other NZ news, there is a conflict playing out in NZ politics that is eerily similar to the clash between sky’s and urchins in the critically acclaimed film, Johnny Tsunami… it is probably more comparable to the conflict between the European immigrants and the Native Americans in our U.S. of A., depending on who you ask.

The Maori peoples (pronounced Mary) were some of the first inhabitants to the island, and have been pushed around by settlers for a good while. Much like the sky’s/skiers claiming the ski-mountain as their own, the Maori peoples are now claiming the water, air, and land. As in, they own it, it is theirs, which doesn’t seem to be all that reasonable. If you end up on the wrong beach, you might get a good ol’ beating to the point where you are no longer living. Obviously, there is much more to the story, but that’s the tale told to us, so we’re going to believe it!


TUI’s and views for days!

After the morning surf, we’d eat some eats, play some drinking games with Tui’s, head out for another afternoon surf, then drink some more Tui’s… it should be no surprise that New Zealand is located close to Antarctica (the chillest place on earth) because they have a good thing going. We’d watch the sun dip a bit, then make our way to Rhythm and Vines… for dance and more fun!

Moral of the Story: Any country who’s biggest political conflict can be loosely compared to Johnny Tsunami, is pretty, damn, chill… swweet as!


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