Let the Games Begin?

“I’m sorry sir, but the name Doug Prusoff is nowhere in our system…”

Hmm, what’s that you say ol’ boy? This combination of words is NOT what you want to hear from an Air New Zealand employee, as you are riding the high of starting, ‘an excellent adventure’ at LAX airport. We pulled up to the check-in desk, looking, feeling, smelling like a MILLION buck ahhhh, but, there we were–the Air NZ employee was frowning down at his computer, avoiding eye contact with the two of us, who were looking at each other with disbelief. This was not on the itinerary, the itinerary that has one thing on it–things will just go very chill-like.

The Hobbit decorations at the check in, which told us, “Put you Baggins here!” became less funny, as we scrambled to get Doug on the last plane of the night (The Hobbit was all over the place, which was an omen of magical things to come!). The last thing we wanted was to have to go back to Playa Del Rey with our tails between our legs looking like real amateurs; two kids who planned to travel the world, but couldn’t manage to leave the country.

Luckily, the Hobbit’s magical spirit was in the air, and our friends behind the counter (Isaac you legend!) somehow got Doug a seat, next to this ol’ boy, and we were off to the Island of the Long White Cloud before Gandalf could say, “Fly, you fools!” The safety video was filled with Lord of the Rings characters, which was a real treat, their TV/Movie selection was beautiful, and drinks were unlimited.

Episode of Californication–bourbon drank.

Episode of Californication–bourbon drank.

This continued until our flight attendant/cocktail waitress, told us to, “Slow down.” Slow down? GIRL! We aint freshman Kappa betches at an 80’s party, asking for 6 more cups of jungle juice, lolz! We continued to add to our nice bourbon blanket, and we giggled as the turbulence lulled us to sleep.

When we awoke, we only had two hours left in the flight… easy floating!

As we softly landed in New Zealand, the two of us were beyond relieved that we were now in a glorious country, not at the NZ check in for the second time in 12 hours.

“Things are looking up!” I said, after Doug and I exchanged a chill Cali-high-five (sideways high-five, followed by a pound, relaxed fist of course, not the javelin or the pound you get from a Dad trying to be cool.)

Moral of the Story: Traveling is about learning from your mistakes… I think we will be doing a lot of learning!


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